Family-Friendly Accommodation in Rotorua: Where Comfort Meets Adventure

Rotorua, with its geothermal wonders, rich Maori heritage, and plethora of adventure activities, is a dream destination for families. But where should you stay to ensure both comfort for the adults and entertainment for the kids? Here’s a rundown of some top family-friendly accommodations in this vibrant New Zealand city.

1. Holiday Parks and Campgrounds:
For families that love the great outdoors, Rotorua offers several holiday parks and campgrounds. These facilities often provide kids’ play areas, spacious grounds to run around, and sometimes even thermal pools! Plus, with the option to pitch a tent, park a camper van, or rent a cabin, there’s flexibility to fit any family’s preference.

2. Lakeside Resorts:
Rotorua is home to several lakes, and what better way to experience them than by staying right on the shore? Lakeside resorts offer a mix of relaxation and recreation, with many having facilities like kayaks for hire, fishing equipment, and BBQ areas. Waking up to the serene lake views and letting the kids explore the waters is a memory-in-making.

3. Cultural Stays:
To immerse your family in Maori culture, consider booking a cultural stay. These accommodations often integrate traditional elements in their design and offer experiences like hangi meals, cultural performances, and storytelling sessions. It’s an enriching experience that kids and adults alike will treasure.

4. Serviced Apartments and Motels:
For longer stays or larger families, a serviced apartment or a motel in Rotorua might be the way to go. They often come with kitchen facilities, separate bedrooms, and sometimes even a small living area. This setup allows families to feel at home, cook their meals, and have enough space to relax after a day of exploring.

5. Thermal Resorts:
One of Rotorua’s main attractions is its geothermal activity. Several resorts harness this natural wonder by offering private mineral pools in their accommodation packages. Imagine soaking with the family in a warm thermal pool right outside your room – it’s both relaxing and exciting!

6. Farm Stays:
For a uniquely Kiwi experience, consider booking a farm stay. This type of accommodation allows families to engage in farm activities, from feeding animals to collecting eggs. It’s not just a place to sleep, but an adventure of its own.

Rotorua, with its mix of nature, adventure, and culture, demands accommodation that can match its charm. Thankfully, the city offers diverse options to cater to families of all sizes and preferences. So, whether you’re seeking a lakeside retreat, a cultural immersion, or a thermal wonderland, Rotorua has the perfect spot for your family to call home during your stay.


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