Repainting Aluminium Joinery

New Zealand homeowners are increasingly recognising the value of refreshing the aluminium joinery in their homes. Many homeowners find themselves owning a house where the previous owner chose the colours, when styles and tastes where very different. These window frames are often brown anodised aluminium from the 1980’s or worse yet teal powder coated aluminium from the 1990’s. Even if you did like the colour over time New Zealand’s harsh sun can cause them to lose their shine, or changing fashions make them seem out-of-date. Repainting them is more than a simple maintenance task; it’s a way of reviving your home’s character and adding real value.

Aluminium repainting.jpg

Every aluminium window in your home has its own story, marked by exposure to the unique environmental conditions of the region—be it salty coastal breezes, intense sun of northern facing joinery, or persistent rains. Each can leave your joinery looking dull, faded and in desperate need of a fresh lick of paint.

However, repainting aluminium joinery is not a simple weekend DIY project. It requires thorough preparation, starting with detailed cleaning and meticulous sanding to ensure the surface is ready for a transformation. The selection of paint is critical; it needs to withstand the unpredictable New Zealand weather while protecting the metal underneath. The painting process itself is akin to an art form, necessitating precision and patience. Each layer of paint must be carefully applied to create a finish that is not only visually appealing but also provides lasting protection.

The value of this endeavour goes beyond just enhancing the visual appeal of your home. Repainting is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your windows, helping to extend their lifespan and increase your property’s value.

When it comes to the actual task of repainting, homeowners in New Zealand face the choice between hiring professionals or undertaking the project themselves. A professional approach ensures expert application and can save time, but it comes with a cost. On the other hand, a DIY approach offers a sense of personal accomplishment and can be more budget-friendly. However, it requires specialist paints that can be hard to source, expensive spray-painting equipment, and considerable skill to achieve an acceptable result that lasts. Whichever path you choose, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons in the context of your skill level, available time, and budget.

Post-painting maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity of your repainted joinery. Regular cleaning and periodic inspections can help maintain the new appearance and function of your windows. Additionally, being mindful of when to plan future repainting can keep your joinery in top condition for years to come.


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